Lainey Snider | Excelling in Womanhood

I have had this stir in my heart for the last three years to reach out to our young woman ages 18-25. I knew if I waited patiently and not try to create this ministry myself God would not only give us the design for it, He would also give us the right person to lead it. 

I was invited to speak at one of our churches for a mothers day brunch. This is where my desire collided with God’s plan. It was here that I met Ms. Lainey Sneider.  Lainey was so full of life and shared with me her desire to step into woman’s ministry. Of course my heart leaped because she was talking about my passion as well. We chatted for a few and set a time to talk in the near future. I began to pray and ask God is Lainey was the woman He had picked for this ministry. It soon became clear that He had. Lainey and I met again at our Stepping Into Speaking conference (an arm of our Stepping Into Leadership) and I asked her then if she was interested. She jumped with joy when I spoke these words. I have to say, that is the kind of reaction I LOVE to see in people. 

After praying, counseling with her parents and mentors, and counting the cost, Lainey said Yes!! And we cannot be more excited to have her. Lainey has been working with me and Sarah (my new admin) for a few weeks now, creating and dreaming and we are now ready to kick off this ministry.

I’d like to invite you to SC WM’s newest ministry “Excelling In Womanhood”  and would like to introduce you to Lainey. 



What is Excellence?lainey

One of the highest goals in this country for many people is to excel in life. People want to excel in moneymaking, business, talent, looks, parenting, and so many other areas of life, yet it is rare to come across someone who wishes to excel in their walk with Christ.

I just recently heard in a sermon of a man who would read the New Testament weekly, and immersed himself in prayer on a daily basis. At first, I didn’t think too much of this man’s actions and I decided to take the challenge on myself.  259 chapters of the New Testament, and 37 chapters a day to be able to read the whole New Testament in a week. So I began to read more than I ever had before. Day one, I read twenty chapters. Day two, I read thirteen. And so, by day three, I decided to shoot for a two week reading of the New Testament. By the time week one was over with, and I was only in Acts, I decided that this man I’d heard about was a bit more devoted than I first gave him credit for.

One of the things that is truly admirable about this man is the excellence and devotion that he portrays on a daily basis. How many people do you know that immerse themselves in Christ like that daily? If you know any, they are rare.

On the opposite hand, I also know many Christians who deem it worthy to read a couple verses before they go to bed, and say a quick “Lord bless me” prayer as they drift off to sleep.

Excellence is shown when we, as an individual, go the extra mile in becoming, accomplishing, and overcoming the average expectations on a daily basis. People who are excelling in their life don’t do it by sleeping on their couch all day. Excelling individuals work hard in their practice. Excelling money makers work hard, invest well, and study up on their subject. Excelling athletes train more than most athletes do. They watch videos of others who play the same sport, study, and they eat right to make sure that their bodies are in the perfect shape. In the same way, excelling in Christ involves us studying up on our subject, working until we transform in the likeness of Christ, and working hard to do the will of our Father.

But why is it important to excel? Is there a point to excelling? Or is it just what we, as Christians, should do as our civil duty?

Well, as a Christian, it is our job to excel above the normal and to stand out among other people. If we don’t stand out among non-Christians, then what is the point in being a Christian? I talked with a restaurant manager some time ago, and he told me that he, as well as many other managers, hire Christians over non-Christians simply because of the work ethics that are present in the Christian’s life. This would not happen if we didn’t excel in our efforts for Christ. Excelling isn’t just for the glory of God, but it is also for our own good.

As women for Christ, it is our job to excel, stand out, and make an amazing impression for Christ. We are ambassadors for the Kingdom of God, and we represent the man that died on the cross for our sins. Don’t take your ability to make a difference for granted. Welcome to Excelling In Womanhood.

“Many Daughters do well, but you excel them all.”  -Proverbs 31:29

Are you between the age 18-25? Join me on our Facebook group here : Excelling In Womanhood Maybe you have a daughter or daughters this age or know someone that would benefit from joining us. Please share this post with them and encourage them to join us.

I look forward to serving you and growing together,



Lainey Sneider: I was called into the ministry at age ten and have been involved with ministry work since I was thirteen years old till the present. Currently I’m involved in women’s ministry in South Carolina, but I am also heavily involved in college ministry as an ambassador for my school, and I am currently youth leader and speaker at my Assembly of God church in Sumter. I am eighteen years old, and I love to tell people that 1 Timothy 4:12 is completely true. “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” As woman of God, whether you are older or younger, we all must seek to excel in all areas of our lives. Don’t let anyone look down on you. Most of my life I’ve been told that I can’t do what I want to do in ministry, but let me tell you if you are facing that, that you can. If I believed those lies, I wouldn’t be here right now, so I know you can too.” 


Exciting News



I just got a call from Brenda Barnson. We have 33 rooms booked at the Holiday Inn and Suits Conference Center. We are so excited!! Today is the last day to reserve your rooms at our conference price. They have another group coming in on the same days that just called today to reserve a block of rooms. We want to make sure you DON’T miss out on this great savings!! You can still reserve rooms after today, just not at the same price. Make your calls, ladies!! 🙂

Holiday Inn & Suits Phone # 843-379-3100 code is WMC

Cherie 🙂

I Want to Yell STOP | Church 4 Chicks

church 4 chicks

There are times that I have felt unloved by my husband and hurt by his words or careless gestures. Many times I have wanted to yell, “Stop!”

I wanted Bill to know how I really felt, but feared “punishment” from him. I wish I knew when this seed was planted. What I do know is what kept my mouth closed was fear!
Fear that he would yell at me…..
Fear that he would hate me…..
Fear that he would leave me…….
Fear that he would no longer love me…….
For the rest of my post join me here at Church 4 Chicks

Early Bird Dead Line | and a Challenge

Early Bird Dead Line coming fast……title

Ladies…. Can you believe it is July 18th already!!! Early Bird registration for REDEEMED ends August 2nd! Register now and save $20 a ticket.

We have SO MANY exciting things planned for you! Connect with your WM leaders to register or if you don’t have one click the REDEEMED tab here on our site for the link to register online.

10 Friends Challenge     10 Friends challenge

Last year at our “Awakened” Women’s Conference, speaker Renay West challenged all of us to bring 10 friends to this years conference!! Do you Remember? Renay is coming back and we want to show her  that SoCarolina can show up and show out!! I’m working on my 10!! Will you join me in the challenge? Grab your friends and register!!

Give a “Shout Out” and join our 10 Friends Challenge!!

REDEEMED | And a Bold Challenge

We are so excited about this year’s conference. If you know me, you know I say this about every conference I have directed so far. I can’t help it. I get excited as I witness God move Heaven and sometimes earth to bring to the kind of conference He has designed for us. He is faithful to His Word to bring forth just exactly what we need. Last year God “Awakened” us to His voice and presence. Now that He has our attention, He wants to give back what has been taken from us. This year’s conference theme is “Redeemed.”  
We are so excited that Renay West is coming back to continue what God started at last year’s AWAKEN conference. If you were there, you will remember how God chose to open our heart to listen to him through her. At the beginning of the very first session, Renay shared with us that God had been whispering the name “Charlotte” to her. She started hearing this name as soon as she landed in the states. She sensed God had a message for Charlotte and wondered when she would meet her. He continued to speak this name to her the following two days leading up to our opening session on that Thursday. 
As Renay took the mic she started by asking if there was a Charlotte in attendance. As she waited she shared with us the events that led up to this very moment. She said that God had something He wanted to say to Charlotte and asked again if there was a Charlotte in the room. Still no one moved. She asked again stating that she knew beyond any doubt that she was hearing God loud and clear.  It was so quite that you could hear the traffic moving outside the sanctuary. It felt like everyone was holding their breath..waiting for Charlotte to move. A few moments later we heard a little cry…. then the cry became louder. Within a few moments Charlotte revealed herself. She stood up and began walking towards the alter. Everyone took a deep breath and sat quietly allowing God to do what He wanted to do for her.  You could almost hear her trembling as she now stood in front of Renay, waiting to hear what God had to say to her. Renay removed her mic, bent down to Charlotte and began to share the message God had for this precious lady. 
You see, God called Charlotte by name. He knew what she needed from Him and he chose to bless her in this very special way. I don’t think there was a dry eye in that room. We didn’t have to hear the message or even know Charlotte to understand how much He truly loves her. 
Charlotte’s story is just one of many stories being shared from last year’s conference. This is why I get so excited. I love to see God move on behalf of you ladies. This is why I do what I do; creating venues that God can use to meet you right where you are!
Your Challenge:
I want to challenge you to walk in boldness over the next few months (the kind of boldness that petitions God in His gates from something known only between the two of you) and plan to attend this year’s conference. And not just attend, I want to challenge you to spread the same fire God is stirring in you to the ladies in your church and community and encourage them to join you. 
We have moved the conference to the Holiday Inn & Suits Conference Center in Beaufort SC to bring everyone together in one place, and to save money and drive time for our attendeesThis will allows us to tarry at the alter longer when we need to. It will give us more time for conversation and ministry one on one with our fellow leaders and ladies. We will also get more time to rest as we won’t be pressed to leave our hotels in time to make it to the church.
So…will you take the challenge? Will you trust that God wants to call you by name – to Redeem what has been taken for you? We are praying for you. We have 300 seats and expect 300 woman to come. Will you be counted this year? Make sure to register by August 2nd to receive the discounted price. Early bird saves you $20 per ticket. 🙂
Click on the tab above that says REDEEMED Women’s Conference for more information, to download the forms, and to purchase your tickets online if you prefer this over mailing a check in. 

Praying with a heart of anticipation,

Cherie L. Zack
District Director of Women’s Ministries | South Carolina District of the Assemblies of God

“For I have redeemed you: by name; you are mine.”  -Isaiah 43:1

Stepping Into Speaking | Exciting Announcement

Our words have the power to inspire, to incite to action, to change perception, to empower others – but how often do you feel crippled by anxiety, crushed by a lack of clear development in your ideas, or defeated by a struggle to deliver those words well? For me, this is every time I start to step onto the platform. But, we can all have walk in confidence and put FEAR in it’s rightful place. How?

Join us for “Stepping Into Speaking” a conference for speakers of all skill level. In this special 2 day conference, you will learn what it takes to:

– develop a strong message

– adapt that message appropriately to your audience

– support your ideas in a clear and memorable way

– impact your audience through strong delivery skills.

A word from our speaker:
Take the fear out of speaking by joining us for this interactive conference and leave feeling empowered to impact your audience, your ministry, the Kingdom through communication that counts and will be remembered long after the message is delivered. Joyce Meyer says, “Words are containers for power.”  Unleash your creative power and discover that you are “a little bit awesome!”   -Kim Atwood

Get your tickets here: and click the conference tab above for all the exciting information including the class schedule.

Now…….. For our exciting announcement!

Hope to see you there,


A Message from Cherie

We are three days away from an awakening of God’s presence within us and the beginning of a renewed hope for many.  For an awakening to happen we have to be willing to seek God out. To open our ears to hear His voice. To open our hearts to receive His word.

“Sow for yourselves righteousness; Reap in mercy; Break up your fallow ground, For it is time to seek the Lord, Till He comes and rains righteousness on you.”  Hosea 9:1

We have to be willing to break up the fallow ground in order to receive all that God wants to speak to us this year.

Come ready! Come ready to let your guards down.

Come ready! Come ready to be vulnerable in His mighty presence!

Come ready! Come ready to lay down pride, self preservation, and everything else that hinders you from stepping into what God wants to do! He has prepared His Mercy Seat for You!

It’s time for us to put Satan on notice. You are no longer going to walk in the strongholds or chains that have bound you! You are going to break free and reap ALL that God has for you!! And you are going to walk away changed!

This time is for you! Though you may question Him, God is giving you the strength to reach out and take hold of His Cross!

Lord, I pray every woman that comes to conference will sow righteousness and reap mercy. May she break up the fallow ground of her heart, for it is time seek You!

See you in 3 days!


Thinking About Becoming An Entrepeneur

Entrepreneurship is allowing many women in South Carolina to make an income for  their families. One of our own SoCarolina ladies is proving she is a Real Woman living a Real Life. Meet Kim Atwood and listen as she shares her story with us!

A journey is defined as “a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time.” I am finding that reaching my place in ministry is taking a rather long time.

Over the last decade, I’ve been blessed to work a combination of several jobs that allowed me the flexibility to be at home with my kids and also brought in the income we needed.  Sounds perfect, huh? But something, for me, was missing.

I knew God was calling me to write and speak to young girls – but I couldn’t find the time to do it. If you’ve ever worked more than one part-time job at once, you know that two, or even three, part-time jobs end up consuming more of your time than a full-time job.

In my quest to solve this dilemma, I have been detoured and delayed… much like a family road trip.  Every time you think you are making good time, someone needs to take a potty break. A tire goes flat. Construction traffic or weather delays prevent progress. Sound familiar?

My husband and I have accrued some unexpected medical bills in the last few years, and I was lying in bed one night trying to figure out how to pay those off faster.  I remembered that my friend sells Initials, Inc. – a line of purses, bags, gifts and accessories with free personalization. It’s a new company – started in 2005 – by a pair of sisters who were in a similar situation. They were prayerfully seeking a way to have an income while still focusing on the things they felt most important.  I decided to sign up – I already love the products, and I could work just a little each month and bring in extra money for those bills.  Perfect.

You’re probably wondering what that has to do with my ministry goals… hang with me, I’m getting there. J

After a few recent setbacks in my ministry pursuits, I was feeling very frustrated.  Bryan and I were talking on vacation last week about how I could make the money we need me to make and still have the time to focus on my writing and my ministry.

The VERY NEXT DAY, I was accidentally included on some emails from my Initials, Inc. director about leadership training I signed up for (which I didn’t). The messages detailed how the training (it’s FREE!) will allow me to grow my business and increase my earning potential in a very short amount of time.

Now, you may think that’s coincidence. But I went in to Initials, Inc. thinking I just wanted to make a little extra for some bills, and by “accident”, I found that I could, without investing much more time, really make this work for me.  I believe God has given me a path – a road – that will bring me the income I need AND allow me the time to focus on my ministry goals.  My Holy GPS just shouted “Turn right ahead!”

Does your story sound a little – or a lot – like mine? Do you feel God calling you to something, but don’t know how to find the time or financial freedom to pursue it?  I want to encourage you to press in and hang in there.

We live in an amazing time – there are so many opportunities for us, as women, to work from home, to contribute to our family’s financial needs AND be with our kids AND pursue our God-given dreams.

The Word tells us that when we don’t know what to do, all we have to do is call on God and He’ll answer us! Ask God to show you the answer. To be your GPS and show you the most direct path to your destination. The answer may be something you’re already plugged in to.

And share your dreams – and detours – with us here. Let us pray with you.  This is an amazing forum for support and accountability.

And if, by chance, you’re interested in learning more about how Initials, Inc. works or want to check out what I’m doing, please “Like” my page at or email me at

May God bless you and make the path on YOUR unique journey in ministry clear and congestion free!


Kim Atwood is a wife and mother, a sister and daughter, a working woman,cook, housekeeper, boo-boo kisser, chauffeur, school project fixer, Pinterest lover. The list goes on, and probably sounds a lot like yours!  Kim and her husband Bryan are blessed with three amazing children – one son and two daughters. Kim’s family is everything to her. Look for more from Kim in the future as she shares about being an entrepreneur and more here on our website. 







Have You Reserved Your Rooms For AWAKEN?

AWAKEN 2012 is just around the corner!!!

I received a call from Wendy Boyd who is a manager at Hampton Inn here in Beaufort, SC. She heard about the conference and wanted to offer us a GREAT deal. Here are the details!!

Hampton Inn $79 + tax per room
Group name: Awaken Conference
25 room block (double queen beds)
Unused rooms will drop on September 14th
Complimentary Hot breakfast served from 6-10

If you have already booked your rooms, please call them and speak to either Rebecca or Wendy and they will give you the discounted price!!

Can’t wait to see everyone in just over 3 weeks!!! ♥

He Shall Direct Your Paths

         Luke 11:1 “Lord, teach us to pray”

Are you praying for direction in an area of your life right now? There are many times in our lives when we don’t see a way to victory. We cannot rely on our own insight or understanding. Neither can we count on our own strength or resources. What we need is beyond our own reach. In times like these, the word of God instructs us to trust the Lord, rather than our own abilities, and acknowledge Him.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your paths.”

To trust God is to rely on Him. Webster’s definition of trust is a resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship, and sound principles of another person.” Surely, we can put our confidence in the person of Jesus Christ. Most certainly, He is worthy of our trust.

Trusting is also defined as “committing something to a person’s care, use or management.” Isn’t that what we are really doing when we pray? The word trust in this scripture is the Hebrew word “batach” and while it simply means to rely upon and have confidence in the Lord, it also translates; to feel safe. Dear sister in Christ, does your heart feel safe today? If not, the answer is found in “acknowledging” Him in all your ways.

The word acknowledge is the Hebrew word “yada” and it is important to note because it literally translates; to discover and know personally. It refers to life-giving intimacy. It suggests direct intimate contact with God along with prayer that conceives and births blessings and victories!

Ladies, it is all about your relationship with God. We must learn to acknowledge (yada) Him in all our ways, on every road and every course we are traveling and with every mode of action. If we will maintain yada, that intimate relationship with God, He will direct, make straight and prosper our paths. He will make the way plain. He will even cut a path for us where there seems to be no way.

The Message reads like this: “Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. Don’t assume that you know it all. Run to God! Run from evil! Your body will glow with health, your very bones will vibrate with life! Honor God with everything you own; give him the first and the best. Your barns will burst, your wine vats will brim over.” (Prov. 3:5-10)

My prayer for you is that you would truly experience a resting of your mind as you commit that situation to the Lord. There is no safer place than in His care. Submit to His Lordship. Make Him Master and manager of your life today and every day. Maintain your personal and intimate relationship with Him. Lord, direct, make straight and prosper our paths!

Jennifer Rash, Intercessory Prayer Director, Women Praying for Women