Leaders Manual


We are working on creating a “Leaders Manual”  for our leaders. We are excited to bring this great resource to you. It will be available to via download here on our site.

Also, from time to time we will post updates and chapters as God leads us.

We are praying for you daily and so humbled to be leading you as we continue to grow together as an outward refection of our inward Savior!


Cherie Zack

WM District Director/ South Carolina District of the Assemblies of God

“Women clothed with compassion, kindness, gentleness, and patience, in perfect unity
Colossians 3:12-14


WM Leadership Training

“Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.”    Matthew 20:26

We are planning our first WM Leadership Training!  This conference includes all of our WM Leaders, their leadership team, and anyone else who has a desire to lead women. Conference is set for Spring 2012 and will be centrally located for your convenience.  Training conference info will be available in your Leaders packet at this years conference.

Here is a sneak peak to get you excited!

This is a two day event that will cover the following area’s and more to help you develop your leadership skills :

~ A Leader’s Relationship with God

~ Establishing/Revitalizing Your Women’s Ministry

~ Embracing Your Personality

~ Social Media!  How Do I Use It and Why Is It Important ?

~ The Three Dimensional Design:  This design will help you reach every woman through three crucial levels in interest.

~ Putting Your Vision Together and Better Understand It’s Purpose.

~ Preparing Your Heart To Lead: Leadership begins with identity. We will take a closer look into Jesus ministry and learn how to follow His example in our own leading.

Each session will begin with Praise and Worship. We have a great speaker lined up to encourage and edify us all. Team leaders will also have time set aside during the conference to discuss, plan, and begin implementing  with your teams all the area’s your excited about bringing to you local ladies.

Start making plans now to join us!

The King’s Daughter Conference

Daughters of the King,

I am so excited about this year’s conference! One of the reasons I am filled with anticipation is Alpha Scarbrough, SC Girls MInistries Director, and Sandra Oquendo, SC Spanish WM’s Liaison, are joining with us and bringing all three aspects of our Women’s Ministries together. Another reason for my delight is that our speaker and worship lineup is truly God-inspired for these moments in time!

Perhaps the most important reason for my passion, however, is that God has designed each of us in the most unique way. We were designed to be an outward reflection of an inward glory:  the reflection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our beauty is defined by God, not by the world!  This is a time for mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends to come together in God’s Holy presence with expectant hearts. You were created for this time in history with His purposes in mind.  Join us as our Heavenly Father unfolds His beautiful purpose and design for The Kings’ Daughters.