Doors To Freedom Update

The Kings Daughter conference was simply amazing. God showered us with His love and so much more. He also raised our awareness and  gave us the oppritunity to make a difference in the lives of  little girls, teenage girls, and young women who have been trafficked into a multimillion dollar sex slave business called Human Trafficking.

Our eyes were opened and our hearts grieved as Sharon Rikard (Founder and President) shared with us  images and stories of girls as young as 3 to young women who are being sold into sex slavery.

During the conference we took up an offering Friday morning and collected over $1600.00.  Sharon shared with me after that session that someone walked up to her with a check for $1,000.00.  You guys gave straight from your hearts.  Below is an update for us that I know you are all going to want to hear.

Recently I received an e-mail from SC Immigrant Victim Network needing financial support for rescued victims of trafficking. Several of the victims received serious injuries and funds were needed for their immediate needs.  Doors to Freedom was able to assist these victims thru financial support relieving the agents to primarily focus on the investigation and prosecution of this case.  Because there isn’t a home
for victims of trafficking many of these victims are housed in a hotel or even jail.  

Though I am grateful Doors to Freedom was able to meet practical needs, my heart is heavy that their emotional and spiritual needs are not being met.  Please prayerfully consider partnering with us monthly.

“True FREEDOM will only be found through Jesus Christ.”  

Your continued giving will allow us to purchase a home where the lives of many will be transformed.

Thank you South Carolina,

Sharon Rikard  {Founder~ Doors To Freedom}

For more information on Doors To Freedom and how you can join us please check out our Hands of Hope Project page.

Blessings and thank you from the depths of our hearts!