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I have had this stir in my heart for the last three years to reach out to our young woman ages 18-25. I knew if I waited patiently and not try to create this ministry myself God would not only give us the design for it, He would also give us the right person to lead it. 

I was invited to speak at one of our churches for a mothers day brunch. This is where my desire collided with God’s plan. It was here that I met Ms. Lainey Sneider.  Lainey was so full of life and shared with me her desire to step into woman’s ministry. Of course my heart leaped because she was talking about my passion as well. We chatted for a few and set a time to talk in the near future. I began to pray and ask God is Lainey was the woman He had picked for this ministry. It soon became clear that He had. Lainey and I met again at our Stepping Into Speaking conference (an arm of our Stepping Into Leadership) and I asked her then if she was interested. She jumped with joy when I spoke these words. I have to say, that is the kind of reaction I LOVE to see in people. 

After praying, counseling with her parents and mentors, and counting the cost, Lainey said Yes!! And we cannot be more excited to have her. Lainey has been working with me and Sarah (my new admin) for a few weeks now, creating and dreaming and we are now ready to kick off this ministry.

I’d like to invite you to SC WM’s newest ministry “Excelling In Womanhood”  and would like to introduce you to Lainey. 



What is Excellence?lainey

One of the highest goals in this country for many people is to excel in life. People want to excel in moneymaking, business, talent, looks, parenting, and so many other areas of life, yet it is rare to come across someone who wishes to excel in their walk with Christ.

I just recently heard in a sermon of a man who would read the New Testament weekly, and immersed himself in prayer on a daily basis. At first, I didn’t think too much of this man’s actions and I decided to take the challenge on myself.  259 chapters of the New Testament, and 37 chapters a day to be able to read the whole New Testament in a week. So I began to read more than I ever had before. Day one, I read twenty chapters. Day two, I read thirteen. And so, by day three, I decided to shoot for a two week reading of the New Testament. By the time week one was over with, and I was only in Acts, I decided that this man I’d heard about was a bit more devoted than I first gave him credit for.

One of the things that is truly admirable about this man is the excellence and devotion that he portrays on a daily basis. How many people do you know that immerse themselves in Christ like that daily? If you know any, they are rare.

On the opposite hand, I also know many Christians who deem it worthy to read a couple verses before they go to bed, and say a quick “Lord bless me” prayer as they drift off to sleep.

Excellence is shown when we, as an individual, go the extra mile in becoming, accomplishing, and overcoming the average expectations on a daily basis. People who are excelling in their life don’t do it by sleeping on their couch all day. Excelling individuals work hard in their practice. Excelling money makers work hard, invest well, and study up on their subject. Excelling athletes train more than most athletes do. They watch videos of others who play the same sport, study, and they eat right to make sure that their bodies are in the perfect shape. In the same way, excelling in Christ involves us studying up on our subject, working until we transform in the likeness of Christ, and working hard to do the will of our Father.

But why is it important to excel? Is there a point to excelling? Or is it just what we, as Christians, should do as our civil duty?

Well, as a Christian, it is our job to excel above the normal and to stand out among other people. If we don’t stand out among non-Christians, then what is the point in being a Christian? I talked with a restaurant manager some time ago, and he told me that he, as well as many other managers, hire Christians over non-Christians simply because of the work ethics that are present in the Christian’s life. This would not happen if we didn’t excel in our efforts for Christ. Excelling isn’t just for the glory of God, but it is also for our own good.

As women for Christ, it is our job to excel, stand out, and make an amazing impression for Christ. We are ambassadors for the Kingdom of God, and we represent the man that died on the cross for our sins. Don’t take your ability to make a difference for granted. Welcome to Excelling In Womanhood.

“Many Daughters do well, but you excel them all.”  -Proverbs 31:29

Are you between the age 18-25? Join me on our Facebook group here : Excelling In Womanhood Maybe you have a daughter or daughters this age or know someone that would benefit from joining us. Please share this post with them and encourage them to join us.

I look forward to serving you and growing together,



Lainey Sneider: I was called into the ministry at age ten and have been involved with ministry work since I was thirteen years old till the present. Currently I’m involved in women’s ministry in South Carolina, but I am also heavily involved in college ministry as an ambassador for my school, and I am currently youth leader and speaker at my Assembly of God church in Sumter. I am eighteen years old, and I love to tell people that 1 Timothy 4:12 is completely true. “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” As woman of God, whether you are older or younger, we all must seek to excel in all areas of our lives. Don’t let anyone look down on you. Most of my life I’ve been told that I can’t do what I want to do in ministry, but let me tell you if you are facing that, that you can. If I believed those lies, I wouldn’t be here right now, so I know you can too.”