The King’s Daughter Conference

Daughters of the King,

I am so excited about this year’s conference! One of the reasons I am filled with anticipation is Alpha Scarbrough, SC Girls MInistries Director, and Sandra Oquendo, SC Spanish WM’s Liaison, are joining with us and bringing all three aspects of our Women’s Ministries together. Another reason for my delight is that our speaker and worship lineup is truly God-inspired for these moments in time!

Perhaps the most important reason for my passion, however, is that God has designed each of us in the most unique way. We were designed to be an outward reflection of an inward glory:  the reflection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our beauty is defined by God, not by the world!  This is a time for mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends to come together in God’s Holy presence with expectant hearts. You were created for this time in history with His purposes in mind.  Join us as our Heavenly Father unfolds His beautiful purpose and design for The Kings’ Daughters.



Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! We look forward to every conversation with you.

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