REDEEMED | And a Bold Challenge

We are so excited about this year’s conference. If you know me, you know I say this about every conference I have directed so far. I can’t help it. I get excited as I witness God move Heaven and sometimes earth to bring to the kind of conference He has designed for us. He is faithful to His Word to bring forth just exactly what we need. Last year God “Awakened” us to His voice and presence. Now that He has our attention, He wants to give back what has been taken from us. This year’s conference theme is “Redeemed.”  
We are so excited that Renay West is coming back to continue what God started at last year’s AWAKEN conference. If you were there, you will remember how God chose to open our heart to listen to him through her. At the beginning of the very first session, Renay shared with us that God had been whispering the name “Charlotte” to her. She started hearing this name as soon as she landed in the states. She sensed God had a message for Charlotte and wondered when she would meet her. He continued to speak this name to her the following two days leading up to our opening session on that Thursday. 
As Renay took the mic she started by asking if there was a Charlotte in attendance. As she waited she shared with us the events that led up to this very moment. She said that God had something He wanted to say to Charlotte and asked again if there was a Charlotte in the room. Still no one moved. She asked again stating that she knew beyond any doubt that she was hearing God loud and clear.  It was so quite that you could hear the traffic moving outside the sanctuary. It felt like everyone was holding their breath..waiting for Charlotte to move. A few moments later we heard a little cry…. then the cry became louder. Within a few moments Charlotte revealed herself. She stood up and began walking towards the alter. Everyone took a deep breath and sat quietly allowing God to do what He wanted to do for her.  You could almost hear her trembling as she now stood in front of Renay, waiting to hear what God had to say to her. Renay removed her mic, bent down to Charlotte and began to share the message God had for this precious lady. 
You see, God called Charlotte by name. He knew what she needed from Him and he chose to bless her in this very special way. I don’t think there was a dry eye in that room. We didn’t have to hear the message or even know Charlotte to understand how much He truly loves her. 
Charlotte’s story is just one of many stories being shared from last year’s conference. This is why I get so excited. I love to see God move on behalf of you ladies. This is why I do what I do; creating venues that God can use to meet you right where you are!
Your Challenge:
I want to challenge you to walk in boldness over the next few months (the kind of boldness that petitions God in His gates from something known only between the two of you) and plan to attend this year’s conference. And not just attend, I want to challenge you to spread the same fire God is stirring in you to the ladies in your church and community and encourage them to join you. 
We have moved the conference to the Holiday Inn & Suits Conference Center in Beaufort SC to bring everyone together in one place, and to save money and drive time for our attendeesThis will allows us to tarry at the alter longer when we need to. It will give us more time for conversation and ministry one on one with our fellow leaders and ladies. We will also get more time to rest as we won’t be pressed to leave our hotels in time to make it to the church.
So…will you take the challenge? Will you trust that God wants to call you by name – to Redeem what has been taken for you? We are praying for you. We have 300 seats and expect 300 woman to come. Will you be counted this year? Make sure to register by August 2nd to receive the discounted price. Early bird saves you $20 per ticket. 🙂
Click on the tab above that says REDEEMED Women’s Conference for more information, to download the forms, and to purchase your tickets online if you prefer this over mailing a check in. 

Praying with a heart of anticipation,

Cherie L. Zack
District Director of Women’s Ministries | South Carolina District of the Assemblies of God

“For I have redeemed you: by name; you are mine.”  -Isaiah 43:1