Nick and Marilyn Krake Are Heading To Palau

in 92 Days and Counting And they need our help! Will you join us in helping them reach their final Goal?

A letter from Nick and Marilyn

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe we are just 35% away from reaching our goal! With a departure date of October 20th quickly approaching we are starting to prepare for our BIG move across the sea.

Many of you have asked if there are items we need before we leave for Palau and the answer is YES! Being that Palau is a small island in the Pacific there are many items not available, a lot more expensive, or just not the same as those items from home that will make this transition as a family smoother.

We have begun compiling a list of things that have been recommended to us by those that have gone before us and other missionaries that live on nearby islands and the list seems to be growing daily. Seeing that we can only take 16 suitcases/totes with us, size, weight, and quantity are obviously an issue, yet these items are things we will need, so we have decided to share this list with you, our friends and family, and are asking you to help us start crossing things off. We were advised to do a “Wish List” registry in order to avoid duplicates, so we have registered at Wal-Mart.  In this letter we are also including some items not available at Wal-Mart incase you feel led to help us in these areas. Thank you for helping us get another step closer to Palau. We are currently working on other things on our list such as: renewing passports, visas, immunizations, and the list goes on. Your help in this tangible way is such a BIG blessing. Moving a family of four overseas is WORK, but oh SO worth it when you are headed towards your God given dream!

Our goal is to have everything by the end of August giving us time to pack and purchase the missing items. Friends we are so thankful for your help, love, and support throughout this journey. We are forever grateful and humbled to be His hands and feet to the island nation of Palau.

Until All Have Heard,

Nick, Marilyn, Abby, and Joshua

 Wal-Mart “Wish List” Registry Information:

Registry is under “Wish List” and under our names: Nick and Marilyn Krake

 Gift Cards to Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s, and Old Navy are welcome. We recently spoke to the Pastor in Palau and he has told us to bring clothes and shoes for the kids as these items are rarely found on the island, and if found, the quality is not good. If you would prefer buying light summer clothing instead of gift cards those are also welcome.

We are not picky! Every little bit helps!

Abby- Clothes Sizes 6 and 7/ Shoe Size 11 and 12

Joshua- Clothes Sizes 4T and 5T/ Shoe Size 8 and 9

 Please contact us at if you feel led

to help us  in purchasing any of the items below.

My Father’s World Kindergarten Deluxe Package Curriculum Aprox. $300

New Hard Drive for computer Aprox. $1,200

Water Filter Aprox. $5,000 (Water in Palau is Undrinkable)